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Confused by AI?

par Adrien Duffaud 25 Juin 2020, 09:52 Ad campaigns

Description Numalis, a French innovative software editor company providing tools and services to make neural networks reliable and explainable. Adding...

Hard to swallow?

par Adrien Duffaud 25 Juin 2020, 09:40 Ad campaigns

Description Advicenne is a specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to improving the lives of children who suffer from rare diseases. Advicenne's objective...

Not even a scratch!

par Adrien Duffaud 25 Juin 2020, 09:33 Ad campaigns

Description Unique on the industrial labeling market, Ricoh's B120CS is the ultimate marking solution, designed to withstand extreme abrasion and temperatures...

Didn't feel a thing!

par Adrien Duffaud 25 Juin 2020, 09:32 Ad campaigns

Description Ricoh thermal paper is the perfect way of making sure that when you print out variable information such as weight, price or logistics labels,...

Test 132: acetone

par Adrien Duffaud 23 Juin 2020, 15:41 Ad campaigns

Description Far less costly, but just as resistant to damage from chemical and physical sources as engraving, overlamination, or varnishing, the Ricoh's...

See the unseen

par Adrien Duffaud 22 Juin 2020, 22:35 Ad campaigns

Description Nevantropic is an environmental monitoring company, which offers direct connection to all observation satellites and sensors on Earth thanks...

Need to inspect a million in no time?

par Adrien Duffaud 21 Juin 2020, 16:36 Ad campaigns

Description Backed by 20 years of experience in Pharmaceutical, Proditec Vision Machines see, analyze and sort tablets & capsules worldwide. In addition...

Unexpected bug

par Adrien Duffaud 20 Juin 2020, 09:30 Ad campaigns

Description Ensuring optimal calculations means even more simulations and resources… but nothing guarantees against software failures. Numalis’ tools analyze...

HTRF will blow you away!

par Adrien Duffaud 19 Juin 2020, 12:20 Ad campaigns

Description HTRF by Cisbio, the homogeneous time-resolved fluorescence detection technologie that allows for fast and accurate measurement assays. HTRF...


par Adrien Duffaud 18 Juin 2020, 13:41 Ad campaigns

Description When capital or financial operations call upon sophisticated software, they can be extremely sensitive to calculation variations. Timely correction...

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