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100% Recycled, 100% Committed

par Adrien Duffaud 17 Juin 2020, 13:20 Ad campaigns

Description The 100% Recycled, 100% Committed association organizes the Tour de France of National Meetings around recycled paper. On the program of the...

Treatments too heavy to stand?

par Adrien Duffaud 16 Juin 2020, 13:47 Ad campaigns

Description Advicenne is a specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to improving the lives of children who suffer from rare diseases. Advicenne's objective...

More than wireless

par Adrien Duffaud 15 Juin 2020, 10:19 Branding

Description Coronis was the creator of ultra-low power wireless networks packed with new features. This innovative company wanted to quickly impose its...

Planète en danger

par Adrien Duffaud 13 Septembre 2017, 12:07

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