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Confused by AI?

par Adrien Duffaud 25 Juin 2020, 09:52 Ad campaigns

Description Numalis, a French innovative software editor company providing tools...

Hard to swallow?

par Adrien Duffaud 25 Juin 2020, 09:40 Ad campaigns

Description Advicenne is a specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to improving...

Not even a scratch!

par Adrien Duffaud 25 Juin 2020, 09:33 Ad campaigns

Description Unique on the industrial labeling market, Ricoh's B120CS is the...

Didn't feel a thing!

par Adrien Duffaud 25 Juin 2020, 09:32 Ad campaigns

Description Ricoh thermal paper is the perfect way of making sure that when...

Test 132: acetone

par Adrien Duffaud 23 Juin 2020, 15:41 Ad campaigns

Description Far less costly, but just as resistant to damage from chemical and...

See the unseen

par Adrien Duffaud 22 Juin 2020, 22:35 Ad campaigns

Description Nevantropic is an environmental monitoring company, which offers...

Need to inspect a million in no time?

par Adrien Duffaud 21 Juin 2020, 16:36 Ad campaigns

Description Backed by 20 years of experience in Pharmaceutical, Proditec Vision...

Unexpected bug

par Adrien Duffaud 20 Juin 2020, 09:30 Ad campaigns

Description Ensuring optimal calculations means even more simulations and resources…...

HTRF will blow you away!

par Adrien Duffaud 19 Juin 2020, 12:20 Ad campaigns

Description HTRF by Cisbio, the homogeneous time-resolved fluorescence detection...


par Adrien Duffaud 18 Juin 2020, 13:41 Ad campaigns

Description When capital or financial operations call upon sophisticated software,...

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